10 techniques of social influence that you need to know

How to understand that you are manipulated by playing your kindness, education, desire to like others? Psychologist Nikolai Molchanov – how to learn how to recognize the main manipulative traps and avoid them.

Basic ideas

  • Social influence techniques are actively used by sellers, marketers and advertisers. They push us to perform rash actions (primarily purchases).
  • Most often, we do not realize what exactly made us take a step, which we now regret.
  • Having learned to recognize traps placed by manipulators, we will be able to pass them.

I have seen many successful companies that spent a lot of resources on developing consumer influence strategies. But people who have finished the courses of „professional buyers” have not yet met. Forces are clearly not equal. I propose to figure out how we are manipulated, pushing to perform quick and impulsive actions.

1. Attractive appearance

If we like how a person looks, we automatically begin to attribute positive features to him: for example, honesty, reliability, the presence of a sense of humor. This happens especially actively at the stage of acquaintance: I want to draw the most detailed portrait, there is not enough information, you have to build hypotheses. And changing the first impression is extremely difficult – even if you have such a chance.

Harvard’s psychologists have experimented: one group of students studied with the professor throughout the whole semester, the other saw him for 10 seconds – in the video without sound. The opinion of students who learned from the teacher coincided with the first impression of the subjects who looked at the video. This once again proves: we are how we look. Or at least what is wearing us.

Not only a person, but also a company’s website or a cosmetic interior can be pretty or even beautiful. This, of course, is an argument in their favor, but it should be decisive only if the appearance is the only thing you need to make a decision.

2. The principle of deficiency

If it is difficult to get what is desired or, in principle, it only increases its value for us. The Hermès bag can cost several thousand pounds and is delivered only two years after ordering. And this is not at all because the production capacities of Hermès do not allow you to produce the right number of

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